Negotiated Interest Rate Discount

Larger loans over $750,000 may be applicable for a negotiated interest-rate discount. Especially if you’re termed as a “professional”

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  • Accountants, Finance managers, Auditors and Actuaries
  • Legal professionals, Solicitors, Lawyers and Barristers
  • Pharmacists, Optometrists, Dentists, Doctors and Veterinarians
  • Geologists, Quantity surveyors, Mining engineers
  • High income earners, Property investors, CEOs and many others may all be eligible for a negotiated interest rate discount. We work closely with our clients and do our best to save you as much money as possible where applicable.

Lenders generally see high net worth and professional customers as a lower risk and interest rates reflect that risk in many instances.

Most lending institutions offer professional packages and they can vary from institution to institution.

However as professional Mortgage Brokers we make it our business to know exactly which banks are trying to win market share by offering negotiated interest rate discounts.

Why not call us today on 0412 179 306 to find out whether or not you qualify for a negotiated interest rate discount.

Why choose us?

We are in the business of making money by helping you save money! You save money and we get paid by the banks for introducing the loan. You need a mortgage professional that works on your behalf to maximise and negotiate your interest rate discount.

If you’re interested in negotiating an interest-rate discount, contact us today at 0412 179 306

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